About Us

  • Talitha Kum Southeast Asia (formerly APWRATH – Asia Pacific Women Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) was conceived in July 2007 during the follow up counter-trafficking course for religious sponsored by  the UISG and IOM in coordination with the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines.  The religious were challenged on how could we possibly respond as a group to this growing issue of human trafficking.
  • TALITHA KUM is the International Network of Consecrated Religious to counter act human trafficking. This is an offshoot of the International Congress of Religious in Network against trafficking two years ago in cooperation with the UISG, Rome.

  1. Networking for exchange of information and referrals for integration.
  2. Networking for the sharing of modules for the schools, communities, congregations.
  3. Networking for advocacy, lobbying and mobilization.

Talitha Kum Southeast Asia has national representatives in eight countries throughout the Asia Pacific region. A central coordinator works to organize these national branches in a combined international effort against human trafficking.


  1. Prevention
  2. Protection/Assistance
  3. Networking

Vision, Mission and Goals


We, members of Talitha Kum Southeast Asia, as consecrated persons and lay partners, are committed to eradicating human trafficking, modern-day slavery, forced labour and debt bondage, especially among children and women, in the Southeast/East Asia region.


To network with consecrated persons and lay partners to counter trafficking in persons in Southeast/East Asia, so that children, women and men have access to justice and live in dignity.


  1. To strengthen the network with the Major Religious Superiors and Bishop’s Conferences throughout the region to prioritize the issue of trafficking in persons.
  2. To raise the people’s consciousness of the need to reaffirm and maintain their value, dignity and roles according to the spirit of the Gospel.
  3. To empower, organize and mobilize the consecrated persons and lay partners in Southeast/East Asia to respond to and counter trafficking in persons, especially of children and women:
  4. To renew the values of the Church to respect and uphold the dignity of women and men created in the image and likeness of God.
  5. To strengthen networking among Catholic organizations at all levels and build solidarity and unity with government and civil organizations.
  6. To encourage religious congregations to develop programs and extend services to respond to the global problem of trafficking in persons.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. – John 10:10


Talitha Kum Southeast Asia can be contacted through e-mail at apwrath@apwrath.org