Call for Action: Declaration Issued by Rome Congress to Protect Children From Digital World

‘This global problem requires that we build awareness, and that we mobilize action from every government, every faith, every company and every institution’

Pope Francis stressed protecting children from dangers on the internet was top priority while addressing “Child Dignity in the Digital World,” this morning, Oct. 6, 2017.” The Congress was organized by Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian University’s Center for the Protection of Minors, and held at the Gregorian, Oct. 3-6, 2017. Its objective was to highlight the dangers of the Internet and to foster action to protect children and young people.

Children and adolescents make up over a quarter of the more than 3.2 billion Internet users worldwide, according to the Center.  This generation of over 800 million young users is in danger of becoming victims of sextortion, sexting, cyberbullying and harassment.

In his discourse, the Pope said he firmly supports the commitments the Congress participants have undertaken to help protect minors and reaffirmed the importance of the participants signing a declaration of commitment at the end of the conference.

Below is the Vatican-provided text of the Rome declaration:

The Declaration of Rome
World Congress:  Child Dignity in the Digital World
6 October 2017
Pope Francis — “A society can be judged by the way it treats its children.”

Every child’s life is unique, meaningful and precious and every child has a right to dignity and safety.  Yet today, global society is failing its children.  Millions of children are being abused and exploited in tragic and unspeakable ways, and on an unprecedented scale all over the world.

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