Nuns help promote disadvantaged women with housework skills

    As part of their training they are also taught the importance of honesty and respect for others

    From UCA News:

    For self-confident Sister Pascale Le Thi Triu, women who work as housemaids in the bustling southern commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City are equal to those who do other jobs.

    The¬†Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul nun believes they should not be treated as “lowly slaves.”

    Sister Triu, 73, ensures that women who complete a course in housework skills gain employment and are treated with respect.

    The courses are conducted by her congregation.

    On Aug. 6, there were 33 young women who graduated from the year-long course.

    Sister Triu, an organizer, said many began their new jobs on Aug. 16 and the rest would start work in early September, with expected monthly salaries of between 4.7-5.5 million dong (US$208-$243).

    This year, some 100 households have registered with the nuns to have housemaids, but the sisters have not been able to meet demand.

    The nuns never advertise. However, employers appreciated the housemaids who had previously undertaken the training and introduced others wanting such services.

    Sister Triu’s congregation launched the program in 2006 when they saw a growing requirement for housemaids in the economically booming Ho Chi Minh City, from both foreigners and working Vietnamese couples with children.

    The current labor market favors workers with vocational skills rather than degrees.

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