October Freedom United Newsletter

Exploited Fruit Pickers in Victoria ‘Brainwashed’
October 30, 2017

An undercover Malaysian journalist has uncovered abuses of migrant workers working on fruit farms in Victoria, Australia.┬áSaiful Hasam, a reporter from Utusan┬áMalaysia, spoke to victims on a farm in Swan Hill in northern Victoria, where they recounted how they had been lured abroad by promises of good jobs. Instead, they were “paid a pittance, kept in overcrowded homes with exorbitant rent and effectively trapped in debt bondage.”

Traffickers Targeting the Homeless in the UK
October 31, 2017

UK charities are warning that traffickers are targeting homeless people, exploiting them for slave labor under false promises of work and accommodation. Thomson Reuters Foundation reports that traffickers are bold enough to prey on the homeless at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and support groups.

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